About Us

Meet Lyndsey:

Lyndsey has a knack for taking current trends and modifying them to achieve comfort without compromising fashion. Her personal style mixes cozy and chic pieces together in order to achieve an effortless look. The creation of Winsome Jones fulfills Lyndsey’s childhood dream of opening her own clothing store. She is inspired by photography, art, travel, and obviously charming comfortable attire.

Through working in retail, Lyndsey recognized a need for clothing that showed less skin without compromising style. This is how Winsome Jones was created. Our goal is to buy incredibly chic pieces that still have the comfortable coverage that our customers are looking for.

With the help and support of family and friends, Winsome Jones went from a doodle on a ten-year-old’s notepad to a brand that customers can rely on for the latest trends.

Happy shopping,
Winsome Jones
Less skin more style